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Benefits of knowing a second language

1.      For the future:
Ø      Students of foreign languages have access to a greater number of career possibilities and develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures.
Ø      Languages help children develop cultural understanding to live in a multilingual society. There is no denying the fact that we live in a pluralistic society and a global community. Cultural understanding is a vital skill children will need throughout their lifetimes.
Ø      The benefits to society are many. Students fluent in other languages enhance our economic competitiveness abroad, improve global communication, and maintain our political and security interests. 

2.      For their development:
Ø      Extensive research supports the benefits of early language learning: better brain development, higher test scores, cultural understanding, national security, and economic prosperity.
Ø      A bilingual child typically enjoys the titles of great communicator and excellent problem solver. At birth 25% of your brain is developed and by age five 90% of your brain is developed. Due to the part of the brain being used to acquire these language skills, the bilingual child becomes skillful in problem solving. Brain research indicates that children are at an optimal age for language learning. Although language study is beneficial and effective at any age, some studies suggest that the human brain is more open to language learning from birth to preadolescence. 
Ø      Some evidence also suggests that children who receive second language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems.
Ø      Early language learners have the ability to develop native-like pronunciation.
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Anonymous Lena said...

Thanks for letting know benefits of knowing second language. It's indeed a great advantage for people who have good knowledge second language. I like to learn second language to live my dream.

March 8, 2014 at 11:42 AM  

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