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Field Trips Add Summer Fun!

Field Trips

Savoir Faire’s campus is ideally located to take advantage of the many multicultural resources of Redondo Beach’s Riviera Village. An integral part of our summer camps, our walking field trips get us out and about and engaged in some of the cultural delights that go with the language your child is experiencing.

“Gelato anyone?”

If you are with us for an Italian camp, expect to walk a few blocks to, 22˚, a gelato shop, where our kids order some of this creamy frozen heaven - in Italian. Now that your kids know there is something even better than ice-cream, you may never go to 31 Flavors again!

Our French campers head over to, Crème de la Crêpe, to watch a crêpe being made, and then, bien sûr, to taste!  By the time they leave they are true Parisians – “kiss, kiss and au revoir!”

  Our Japanese campers try miso soup at Casa Arigato, while Spanish campers practice their Spanish by ordering  dishes to share at the Riviera Mexican Grill.

It’s summer and there is no reason not to get out and enjoy it!
We take a walking trip to the beach to make sandcastles and fly kites.
Every class schedules a picnic to El Retiro Park where they sample more food and play games such as Red Light, Green Light and Mother May I  - in Chinese! (or French or German - you get it!)
Some classes participate in a village scavenger hunt and others stroll over and have an ice-cream – just because!
All field trips are supervised by the teacher and an assistant. Parents are always welcome to attend.



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