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Savoir Faire Gets Political...Kind Of!

 Savoir Faire Is Chosen to Translate for the Mayor's Office
   Savoir Faire's, Nancy M                 Redondo Beach Mayor, Mike Gin           Savoir Faire Director, Joelle Adkins

Baja California Mayor and Redondo Beach Mayor Meet to Collaborate on Common Issues

Okay – we’re feeling a little proud and I think that’s perfectly fine considering the circumstances!
Our small but mighty institute was chosen by the Redondo Beach City’s Mayor’s office to be the official translators for the recent, 6th Annual Bi-National Mayor’s Summit.
A group of our fine Spanish speaking staff accompanied SF’s director, Joelle Adkins, to the conference on October 29th to provide translation services for the Mexican delegates. The idea of the conference is to “exchange ideas and experiences to increase cooperation between neighboring cities of the two countries”.  Our Spanish speaking teachers have impressive backgrounds working for the Mexican consulate in LA and working as executives in corporations in South America. In combination with their teaching experience they were invaluable assets to the smooth operation of the day.
Again, Savoir Faire is bursting with pride to have been chosen for this task. We believe that cultural exchange is important in the world so it was not only the translation job that was significant for us, but also the theme of the conference worked completely into our desire to promote open-mindedness and appreciation between peoples.
 The Savoir Faire Translating Team