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Kids LOVE Our Summer Camp Crafts

Cultural Crafts 

In our Redondo Beach classrooms, we see that our kids are as fascinated by culture as they are interested in learning some words in a foreign language. To this end a portion of Savoir Faire’s summer camp curriculum is designed to feed our campers' curiosity by constructing crafts with a cultural aspect.

For example, in our Chinese camps, the kids learn about the origin of  dragon boat races through stories and pictures and models and then they make their own craft from paper and balsa wood.

In the Spanish camp, the older children are always  interested in the ancient Mayan cultures that existed long before Spanish was a language in South America. As we teach Spanish, Savoir Faire's teachers tap into the children's Indiana Jones sense of adventure by sharing artifacts and creating a replica of the Mayan calendar. (by the way… our campers learn some pretty challenging numbers, too!)

The littlest Italian campers are introduced to Pinocchio’s Italian heritage and construct old fashioned Pinocchio’s from before Walt Disney. They learn about Arlecchino, the funny character from Italian plays and paint their own Harlequin capes to wear home – all the colors labeled in Italian!
French campers sculpt like Rodin, paint like Matisse and create a French petit-déjeuner plate the croissant, jam and butter all labeled for at-home display!